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Exercise Berkshire Defender

A Company - Hankley Common

Exercise Berkshire Defender

21 May 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

Cadets from Ascot, Cippenham, Maidenhead, Slough and Windsor Detachments were given a scenario........

Taking place over the hilly and sandy Hankley Common Training Area, the cadets spent the
weekend gathering intelligence, ambushing and, defending themselves against enemy
threat, who’s aim was to disrupt & jam signals at Heathrow Airport, as well as incoming
Military Personnel. The cadets were split into two platoons, 21 Platoon and 22 Platoon.

The two platoons were mixed ability, giving senior cadets the
chance to lead, and junior cadets the opportunity to see how things get done.

After on Friday night they received specialist kit & equipment, readying the cadets for the
task ahead, Saturday morning they were given intelligence of a nearby enemy convoy,
where the cadets had to conduct an Observation Post (OP) to gather further intel on the strength of the enemy, what equipment they had and anything else that could be reported. And as an extra, if they could identify the main threat, ‘Lynchpin’, to eliminate him.

The intel gathered was then to be used to plan and conduct an ambush. Cadets were
positioned on the edge of a wood line, next to a track which was identified as where an
enemy patrol will be passing. The cadets were able to retrieve the specialist equipment that the enemy had, design to jam Heathrow Airports signals.

The night that followed was disrupted by enemy retaliation, with 22 Platoon required to defend 21 Platoons (and their own) harbour area from enemy attack whilst out on ambush, whilst 21 Platoon saw off enemy attacks throughout the night. The aim of the weekend was a success from both the cadets aim (gather intelligence,
disrupt and eliminate the enemy), whereas on the other hand it was a success for the
company. The weekend was well attended by some 45+ cadets and 10+ adult instructors. It was a great opportunity to introduce fieldcraft to those who have yet to go on an exercise, and refamiliarize those already experienced with the skills and demands of a Fieldcraft exercise.

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