Get ready for VAC2020


22 July 2020

  • Essex ACF

The event will run from Tuesday 28th July, starting with the traditional address from the Commandant, which will be streamed across all the Essex ACF social media. Make sure you join us for it at 7:30 on Tuesday evening!

Then, from 9:15, the training will start on Wednesday morning, with our cadets having a range of lessons, including an adventurous training session, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) class and Signals course. On Wednesday evening there will be a special Guest presentation from the Royal Artillery and we have guest speakers from the Royal Navy on Thursday. Up until Saturday, there will be extensive training and further guest lessons.

Saturday 1st August sees the return of the extremely popular ‘Commandant’s Day’. As the Commandant herself is overseeing this day, most of the details are “Top Secret”, but she promises that, just like last year, it will feature “Enforced” Fun.

Also on Saturday, our Padre will be hosting the traditional camp church parade. We hope there will be plenty of singing!

Week two sees a Star Three fieldcraft exercise (we can’t wait to see how this is being hosted in the virtual training environment!), as well as a whole host of lessons featuring a package of over 20 other sessions, including “Navigation by Stars”.

We also have special guests almost every day and, towards the end of camp, the Royal Marines will be showing us how they cook.

Throughout Virtual Annual Camp, there will also be a competition, with a series of elements, for all Cadets to enter via Facebook.

Camp will close on Wednesday 5th August with the traditional final parade and prize giving. The competition winners from camp will be announced and who knows there might even be some promotions!

This will truly be a first for the Army Cadets of Essex and we are all very excited to see what happens. This is a ground-breaking event, leading our County into the future of technology-supported learning. Whilst this has been necessitated by the unfortunate reality of Covid-19, we are determined to make it a positive and unique experience for all of our cadets, but especially for those cadets for whom this will be their last.

We promise to keep you up to date, both on our website and on our social media. If you’re getting involved in our event we want to hear from you. You can send your stories and pictures in via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts or by email to

We’re all eagerly awaiting camp, can’t wait to share this incredible event with you and are really looking forward to hearing from you!

Here’s a look back through some photos of the fun moments, lessons, prizes and visitors from previous Annual Camps.