25 years ago, in the spring of 1995, Lt. Mark Disney and Major Ian Coffin organised and ran a 3 day adventure training weekend in the Peak District for 12 Cadets from C Company.


25 May 2020

  • Essex ACF

1995, when Puttees were still a thing for some people (Google it if you don’t know), but Google didn’t exist then (seriously, think about it, no Google). Fax machines were still cutting edge. Adventurous training in the ACF had a much lower profile We wanted to change that and after careful planning to keep it a low key weekend, (as from small acorns grow great trees), Exercise ITCHYFOOT had arrived.

We loaded the cadets into the back of an Army Bedford for the five hour trip (remember those days!) and we were off. We stayed at Upper Fleet Green Farm on the Leek training area and it was all pretty basic; 3 days of walking and climbing, with hotdogs & beans for breakfast and Fray Bentos Pies followed by squirty cream on Apple pies for the evening meal. From these humble beginnings,

Exercise ITCHYFOOT has tuned into Essex ACF’s premier Adventurous Training Exercise, with the cadets taking part in Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Abseiling & Caving. In addition, we have sprinkled in Skiing, White water rafting, & High-line rope activity over the years.

COVID19 has given a temporary pause to Essex ACF’s amazing AT track record. But to give everybody a virtual AT fix on each day of what would have been our 25th year, we plan to share some great memories by uploading photos and videos of past experiences of AT with Essex ACF across our social streams for a 'Virtual' ITCHYFOOT

Monday 25th - Kayaking & Canoeing

Tuesday 26th - Trekking , Mountaineering

Wednesday 27th - Mountain Biking

Thursday 28th - Rock Climbing, Abseiling

Friday 29th - Sailing , Caving etc

While sharing these memories with each other I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the AT and potential AT instructors for the skill and enthusiasm they bring to our County, because without your continuing support over the years the events would never have been the success they are.

Thank you. UATO