Enrolment Ceremony

Thursday 7th July 2022

Enrolment Ceremony

8 July 2022

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Thursday 7th July 2022 saw our new cadets from ‘A’ Ferozeshah Company partake in the enrolment ceremony.

The ceremony saw 22 Cadets presented their Enrolment Certificate and issued their cap badge. All whilst being watched by their proud family members.

During the evening Maj Lee Bampfield, CSM Hearn, Pardre Jo Reid, RSM Hearn and Deputy Commandant Lt Col P White gave presentations and talks.

Cadets from the different level Star Cadres gave a talk on their experience at that level. With an audience of approximately 60 people, a nerve-racking experience, especially for the younger cadets. But as always, they excelled themselves.

Recruit Cadre – Cdt Gee

1 Star - Cdt Jones

2 Star – Cpl Drake

3 /4 Star – S/Sgt Low

Master Cadet / Staff Cadet – Staff Cadet CSM Gillie

Throughout the night various awards were also presented to the cadets and CFAVs.

OCs Commendation

Cdt Frimpong

Cdt Gee

Cpl Drake

Cadet Force Warrant

CSM Jo Hearn

SMI Gary Cox

Darren Elks who was an SMI in A Company for many years. But after many years as a CFAV and Cadet, recently decided to hang up his boots, and was invited back for his Cadet Force Warrant.

Cadet Force Medal

SMI Gary Cox

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