Enrolment Ceremony

Sword Companies latest intake of recruits

Enrolment Ceremony

1 March 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF
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Enrolment Ceremony- March 1st, 2023

Sword Companies' latest intake of recruits take their first proud steps in their Cadet experience.

This was the largest intake attending the enrolment ceremony. Parents, Guardians, Colonel Britt Haggerty, and Detachment Commanders, all watching on proudly.

Selected Cadets from each Cadre gave a presentation on their respective cadre experience, in front of an audience of approximately 150, no mean feat no matter your level of public speaking experience.

Recruit Cadre: Cdt Neighbour

1 Star: Cdt May

2 Star: L/Cpl Bevington

3 Star: Cdt Cpl Heath

4 Star: Cdt Sgt Stewart

Staff Cadet: SC Sgt Major Low

Then followed a talk on the Adult experience by CSM Jo Hearn.

In the second half of the evening, the cadets were awarded their Berets by Col Britt Haggerty the Commandant of Wiltshire Army Cadet Force, and OC Sword Company, Major Lee Bampfield.

Marching onto the stage, the cadets formed up ready to be called out and presented their beret to which their Detachment is affiliated. Sword Company has The Rifles Regiment and The Royal Wessex Yeomanry affiliated Detachments.

The gallery of all the cadets receiving their Berets and Certificate can be seen here.

Gallery of Cadet Enrolment Ceremony

  • DSC 0230

    Cadet and Parents

  • DSC 0234

    Cdt Neighbour- Recruit Cadre Presentation

  • DSC 0236

    Cdt May- 1 Star Cadre Presentation

  • DSC 0241

    Cdt L/Cpl Bevington - 2 Star Cadre Presentation

  • DSC 0246

    Cdt Cpl Heath - 3 Star Cadre Presentation

  • DSC 0255

    Cdt Sgt Stewart - 4 Star Cadre Presentation

  • DSC 0257

    SC S/Maj Low - Staff Cadet Presentation

  • DSC 0352

    Col Haggerty closing speach.

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