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Energy and Stem Festival

The Energy and Stem Festival Perth 29 & 30 July

Energy and Stem Festival

31 July 2023

  • Black Watch Battalion ACF

Cadets and Adults from the Battalion had an exhilarating weekend at the Energy and STEM Festival in Perth, where they actively participated in various activities. The festival was held over two days, and proved to be a fantastic opportunity for the battalion members to showcase their skills, engage with the public, and have an absolute blast!

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Dancing Cadets & Adults

The Colour Run segment of the festival saw the cadets take centre stage as they threw vibrant coloured powder at the runners, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. Not only did they lend a hand, but they also had a chance to take part in the run themselves, evident from the lively and colourful photos that emerged from the festival.

The playful atmosphere and enthusiastic participation left a memorable impact on all those who took part, though the washing machines at home might have been kept busy on Sunday night due to the aftermath!

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A colourful Captain Abi Robertson

In addition to the Colour Run, the battalion members got an unexpected opportunity to showcase their talents on stage, where they wowed the audience with their singing and dancing skills.

Capturing the momentous performances, videos of their acts were shared on Instagram @bwcadets, quickly gaining popularity and appreciation.

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Take a Bow, the cast

The Cadet recruiting trailer also saw considerable foot traffic, with many people keen on information about the activities available in the battalion. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the cadets and adult members were infectious, inspiring others to explore the rewarding journey of being a cadet.

One of the highlights was the Giant Dartboard, where participants aimed to hit the bullseye with precision. The battalion members energetically took part, showcasing their accuracy or not in hitting the board.

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    Giant Dartboard

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    Potential recruits

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The festival also provided an opportunity for the public to experience and interact with various cadet equipment, giving them a glimpse into the diverse training and activities undertaken by the battalion. Moreover, attendees had the chance to taste army rations, offering a unique insight into military life and the challenges faced by soldiers in the field.

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More potential recruits

Overall, the Energy and STEM Festival proved to be a resounding success, thanks to the efforts and dedication of the cadets and adults from the Battalion.

The enthusiasm, exhibited by the team contributed significantly to the festival's atmosphere, leaving a positive and lasting impression on all who attended.

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Barbie MTP

As the festival came to a close, the team departed with highly coloured clothes and faces and will be remembered as a most enjoyable and rewarding weekend for all who took part, and who are looking forward to next year.

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