End EX on 2021 Annual Camp.

Camp is over for another year

End EX on 2021 Annual Camp.

30 August 2021

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

It's been a very different Annual camp this year, but still the cadets and adult volunteers have worked so hard to make it a memorable time, smiling faces all round.

A company at the Weekend training centre, B company and D Squadron at there Hq's, all making Cadets exciting and challenging, from fieldcfraft, to lessons in first aid and even a junior instructors course to usher in the next NCO's.

The new Adult volunteers were at Beckingham Training area, with Fieldcraft, taking part in giving and reciveing lessons to enhance to cadet experience. With this year now at a close a few pics from all that was taken.

Next year will definately be one to watch out for and participate in, along with all the Company camps, sports, Duke of Edinburgh, and much more