6 Members of Elgin Guinness World Record Certificates L R SSI Wells Cdt Duff Cdt Duff ex cadet Louise Curtis L Cpl Collie and Lt Peacock

Elgin Cadets Return to Face to Face

Elgin Cadets Return to Face to Face

6 May 2021

  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF

Elgin Cadets have once again reopened their doors after over four months in lockdown. The Moray Company detachment welcomed cadets back last Wednesday evening, their first training night since December last year when Scotland was put back into Lockdown.

For the past year Army Cadets up and down the country have moved their training online to ensure that the cadets were not falling behind in their cadet progression and also trying to help improve people’s Mental Health by staying connected during lockdown. Throughout latest lockdown the Elgin cadets have been engaging with the Battalion’s Online Programme, as well the National Army Cadet Training team organising talks and lectures from guest speakers such as Channel 4's SAS: Who Dares Wins’ Mark Billingham. Twelve cadets from Elgin were welcomed back to the detachment on Wednesday where due to current Tier 3 restrictions for Youth Organisations they currently have to train outside. For the first night back it was a very relaxed evening where they played small sided games, where at the end of the evening several presentations celebrating the cadets’ achievements.

The first certificate that was awarded was a 4 Star Certificate, the highest training level in the Army Cadets, and was presented to a former cadet Colour Sergeant Louise Curtis (18) who sadly aged out of the organisation at the start of the year when the organisation was in lockdown.

The second certificate that was awarded was to Cdt Odynn Duff (14), who was presented with his certificate for attending the Army Cadet’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Camp over the October Holidays. The annual camp was moved online due to the pandemic, which saw Odynn take part in a series of online and interactive activities as well as an associated workbook. On top of his attendance certificate he was also awarded with The Industrial Cadet award and a STEM Badge.

The final set of certificates that were presented was six Guinness World Record Certificates, for members of the Detachment who took part in the Army Cadets’ Official World Record Attempt to break the record for “Most users to take part in an online Mental Health Awareness Course" which took place in October last year for World Mental Health Day. Lieutenant Andrew Peacock (40), Staff Sergeant Instructor Graeme Wells (28), Louise Curtis, Cadet Lance Corporal Mitchell Collie (16), Cadet Odynn Duff and Cadet Ruudi Duff (12).

Detachment Commander SSI Graeme Wells said: “Over two lockdowns our Elgin cadets have achieved so much and it is wonderful to finally welcome them back and help mark their achievements.”

“Over two lockdowns our Elgin cadets have achieved so much and it is wonderful to finally welcome them back and help mark their achievements.”

SSI Graeme Wells - Elgin Detachment Commander