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Greater Manchester ACF Volunteers Enhance Skills in Archery…

Eleven Cadet Force Adult Volunteers Successfully Complete Two-Day Archery Instructors Course at Holcombe Moor Training Camp

Greater Manchester ACF Volunteers Enhance Skills in Archery Instruction

24 June 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

Eleven dedicated Adult Volunteers from the Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force (ACF) recently participated in a comprehensive two-day Archery Instructors Course at Holcombe Moor Training Camp. Led by experienced instructors Helen from NFP Archery, with assessment support from Bryan, the course aimed to equip the volunteers with additional expertise in teaching cadets the art of archery.

The significance of archery as an Olympic sport cannot be understated. By providing training in this discipline, cadets have the opportunity to develop essential skills that could pave the way for their future involvement in the world of competitive archery, and potentially even lead them to become future Olympians.

Under the guidance of skilled instructors, the two-day course delved into various aspects of archery instruction, covering essential techniques, safety protocols, and effective teaching methodologies. Through hands-on practical sessions and comprehensive theoretical modules, the volunteers acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to confidently teach cadets the intricacies of archery.

Archery Course June 2023

Colonel Catherine Harrison, the Commandant of Greater Manchester ACF, expressed her gratitude and extended heartfelt congratulations to all the volunteers who attended and successfully completed the course. Their commitment to enhancing their skills and expanding their capabilities in order to provide the best possible training experience for the cadets was commendable.

To commemorate the successful completion of the Archery Instructors Course, Major Chris Townson and SI Alison Smith captured captivating moments on camera. For a glimpse of the volunteers' journey, interested readers can click here to view the photo gallery.

The Greater Manchester ACF continues to invest in the development of its volunteers, recognizing the immense value they bring to the cadets' training and personal growth. Through courses like the Archery Instructors Course, the ACF fosters a supportive environment that encourages skill-building and instills a sense of pride and accomplishment among its dedicated volunteers.

Archery Course June 2023


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