1 star SAA1

E Company Camp

by Lt L Field

E Company Camp

27 March 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Over the Weekend, E Company held an all star level testing weekend. Basics were tested in Skill At Arms and CIS.

1 Stars had an intensive and in-depth weekend of SAA and Drill, 2 stars had progressive All Arms drill and Keeping Active. Whilst all of that was going on, a JCIC was keeping our Junior NCO's busy with learning how they can improve themselves and their instructing techniques.

The OC's final parade gave everyone a chance to reflect on all their amazing achievements over the weekend, concluding with an opportunity to showcase all the drill they had been perfecting throughout.

1 star SAA
1 Star SAA2
2 Star Rifle Drill
2 Star rifle drill2
Basic CIS
Basic SAA