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Dunmow Dolphins Senior Citizens Swimming Club – Support our…

Dunmow Dolphins Senior Citizens Swimming Club recently chose Dunmow Army Cadets as one of the organisations they wanted to support. Their Treasurer Willie Stewart wanted to visit the cadets in action and present the detachment with a cheque.

Dunmow Dolphins Senior Citizens Swimming Club – Support our Cadets

21 December 2021

  • Essex ACF

Willie attended a presentation evening at Dunmow Detachment on the14th December which was Dunmow’s last parade night of the year and Christmas party.

The B Company OC Major Hudson & CSMI Dan Bees where also in attendance along with guests from the Dolphins swimming club.

The club explained to the cadets that they are a senior citizens swim club that like to donate money to local youngsters so they can make a difference.

Sergeant Instructor Mat Speller who is Dunmows Detachment commander plans to review what equipment the unit will spend the money. It is hoped that the donation will help the cadets with their training and Duke of Edinburgh’s award activities.

Swimming Club members departed detachment following the presentation so the cadets could enjoy their Christmas party. Sausage and chips, followed by a desert treat, chocolate, games and music completed the night amid the Christmas tree, decorations and party poppers.

Photos from this year’s cadet activities were on a rolling slide show on a TV all night where our new recruits could see what exciting activities await them next year along with the other cadets enjoying the photos.

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