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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition news

Senior Cadet Cadre hit the Viking Way in Lincolnshire with our Essex #EveryCadetBear showing true grit and determination.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition news

16 August 2021

  • Essex ACF

The Sgt's Cadre left Colchester CTC in their final days of Annual Camp heading up to Lincolnshire for their 3 Star expedition Duke of Edinburgh Silver practice expedition. Our group were in good spirits when dropped off at their start point in Calcethorpe village making their way through Donington on Bain before the day 1 end point in the village of Belchford. Day 2 started with a foot care clinic nursing some blisters gained in travelling the fist 20km, however, the group demonstrated team work and pushed through passing the villages of Fulletby and Horncastle whilst studying the history of the Viking Way and chatting to locals, furthermore, even buying some local produce to support the community. Finally, after another 20km hitting the campsite town at Woodhall Spa for debrief and a campsite fire and toasted marshmallows.
I big well done to all and with thanks to our adult volunteers. Next up 4 Star Silver qualifier!

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