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Duke of Edinburgh Award Achievements

Ahead of the game with the DofE Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award Achievements

10 October 2022

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

As a part of being a cadet in the ACF, cadets have the opportunity to challenge themselves to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Nationally around 6,000 cadets and adult volunteers take part in the programme every year, with around 2,000 gaining Bronze, Silver, and Gold DofE awards.

DofE was created to encourage young people to venture out of their comfort zone and develop their skills. Everyone takes their own individual achievements away from the experience.

Within Clwyd and Gwynedd in the period 1st April – 30th September 2022, there were 155 active participants which is above the national average. There were 65 new starters an increase of 42% and 14 awards completed an increase of 14% with another eight participants with only one section left to complete.

Commandant Col Martin L Craven said “this is an excellent state of affairs and all involved are to be congratulated”

C&G DofE Officer Tracey Cooper, who has been very active in promoting the Award and encouraging participants to complete their sections in a timely manner, said “with many aspects of the award aligned with the cadet syllabus it is fantastic that so many cadets, and some young adults, actively undertake the award” adding “a Duke of Edinburgh Award is well recognised and can make all the difference to some cadets. These results are a testament to the effort and invaluable support of the C&G DofE team”

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