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Dorset ACF Launch 'Who's Afear'd'

Today, Dorset ACF launch the our new county Newsletter.

Dorset ACF Launch 'Who's Afear'd'

1 April 2021

  • Dorset ACF

Today see's the launch of the new Dorset ACF Newsletter 'Who's Afear'd'.

Titled after the Dorset County Motto, the new publication brings together all the news and information from across Dorset ACF for the Cadets and CFAV's to read in one convenient place.

County PRO, Capt Thor Elsson said; "We have dabbled with a newsletter in a basic format during the past years lockdown but now, as we look to return to face-to-face training it's time time to take things to the next level."

He added; "Our social media platforms have been a great help in keeping in touch with everyone but this publication allows us to put out even more information to the Staff and Cadets."

Who's Afear'd - Spring 2021