Gold Dof E

DofE Gold

Tywyn PI successfully completes The Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold award.

DofE Gold

8 November 2022

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Former Tywyn cadet and now potential adult instructor Elise Faragher has successfully completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Elise recently completed her assessed expedition at Otterburn in Northumbria enabling all the final elements to be sent off for national approval. Formal approval was received on 4th November. Elise has completed all three awards with the ACF, our first Gold award since 2015.

Elise reported on her DofE journey “I learned about what the Duke of Edinburgh Award was at the age of 9, it was a goal of mine from then to achieve bronze, silver, and gold. When I reached the age of 14 in cadets, I chose to enroll onto the bronze scheme. At the age of 14 bronze seemed challenging and demanding but as I’ve learned from both of my other awards, it’s the easiest of the three, it was great to do it through cadets as everything was provided, I just had to show up and actually do the work. At the age of 15, I enrolled onto silver DofE. I was all set to go and then COVID struck and all my sections had to be altered to cater to the world around us. I changed my skills from first aid to learning British sign language. I had to wait a good while for expeditions to be held, so I was awarded a 2020 award which was all the sections minus the expedition until I had completed that to get the full silver Duke of Edinburgh award. My 17th birthday struck and it was my time to start the journey of doing the final, gold award. Many people jump straight to gold however having done silver previously, the time scales are shortened. I then set foot in completing section by section. My first was the residential which I did by doing my SCIC course through the APC syllabus, I then went on to complete my physical and volunteering. My skills were learning to drive which wasn’t through cadets but the support and help received was just as useful and appreciated. My expeditions were last to do but most likely the best I’ve ever done. I’ve learned to love expeditions by doing DofE, the people you meet and the motivation you give to one another is an awesome feeling. I’m now waiting for my invitation to a national ceremony for gold DofE achievers. Many thanks to Major Cooper and the rest of the DofE CFAVs for helping me through all of them and I recommend it to everyone.”

DofE Officer Tracey Cooper said “I am proud and delighted. Elise enrolled for bronze not long after I took over as DofE Officer and has worked through silver and now gold. She has completed some interesting subjects as part of her awards; including learning British Sign Language as her skill during the lockdown.” Tracey added “We have a number of other cadets and young adults who are also making good progress with their Gold awards

Elise will in due course be invited to London, usually the Palace, to be formally presented with her Gold Award.

Commandant Martin L Craven said “congratulations Elise a great achievement that goes to show what committed cadets can achieve during their time in the ACF”

The Army Cadets gives cadets, and adults, if they're under the age of 25, the opportunity to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Around 6,000 cadets and adult volunteers take part in the programme every year, with around 2,000 gaining Bronze, Silver, and Gold DofE awards. As well as various other activities, we provide the opportunity to undertake the DofE Award. Lots of the skills gained during DofE cross-over with what is undertaken whilst continuing the ACF syllabus, sort of killing two birds with one stone.

Exped 2

Final expedition at Otterburn in Northumbria