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Derbyshire ACF hold Cyprus Selection Weekend

This weekend, Derbyshire ACF have begun the selection process for Exercise Olympus Eagle

Derbyshire ACF hold Cyprus Selection Weekend

8 January 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

Last night, cadets and staff from Derbyshire ACF arrived at Chilwell Cadet Training Centre in preparation for their Exercise Olympus Eagle Selection Weekend. Exercise Olympus Eagle will ultimately see 48 cadets attend an 8 day exercise in Cyprus, whereby the cadets and staff will have opportunities to conduct overseas training and activities.

Over 50 cadets and 15 adult staff have attended ready for a jam packed weekend of various activities, including drill assessments, command task activities, Cyprus military knowledge, weapon handling tests and mini presentations.

All cadets are eager and enthusiastic to secure their places on the exercise.

Firstly, this morning the cadets and staff carried out a swim test to ensure they will be fully prepared and have the ability to train and take part in the fantastic opportunities. Next they are heading out to complete their assessments in drill, weapons handling tests and command tasks.

Check out our photos below from the past 18 hours of training! More updates to follow!

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