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Derbyshire ACF begins training

Last weekend Derbyshire ACF began their training of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers ahead of the return to opening up detachments again.

Derbyshire ACF begins training

25 April 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF
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CFAVs from A Company receive their RTT update.

Last weekend, A Company and B Company CFAVs arrived at their Area Company Headquarters locations to receive the latest updates on return to training ahead of detachment re-openings from the County Training Officer, Training and Safety Advisor and Area OCs.

On the agenda was a reminder and update on RTT Covid restrictions and training considerations, with also some Westminster refresher and updates.

Adult Instructors as well received update and training on the Adult Cadet Safety Management Systems and Risk Assessment proforma, which gained everyone a ACSMS Practitioners qualification.

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B Company CFAVs receive risk assessment training.