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Derbyshire ACF attend annual camp 2021

On Saturday 7th August, A & C Coy cadets, along with their staff arrived at annual camp.

Derbyshire ACF attend annual camp 2021

8 August 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

Annual Camp - Day 1

Yesterday, cadets and staff from A and C Company arrived at annual camp ready for their week ahead.

After a long coach journey to Bodney Camp, Thetford, cadets were eager to get off the coach and get to their rooms.

Once changed into uniform, they headed straight into the cookhouse for evening meal. After evening meal, cadets and staff listened to Col Doyle give his briefing for annual camp, followed by RSM Rollisson discussing the rules whilst on camp.

Finally the cadets were briefed on the field exercise for the following day, and away they went to have down time and to pack for the exercise.

SSI Chadwick - County PRO

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    Cadets arrive and move to the accommodation

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    The next coach arrives

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    Staff Cadet RSM Lea

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    A quick change into uniform.

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    The last coach arrives from A Company

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    A Company form up for the commandant's briefing.

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    C Company cadets listening to the briefing.

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    Col Doyle gives his briefing for annual camp.

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    Col Doyle hands over to RSM Rollisson

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