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Derbyshire ACF Annual Camp

Derbyshire have been incredibly busy this morning preparing for their field exercise.

Derbyshire ACF Annual Camp

8 August 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

Derbyshire ACF Annual Camp - Day 2

Derbyshire ACF have had a busy morning preparing for their exercise.

Fieldcraft and skill at arms lessons were taught to the cadets, alongside weapon handling tests to ensure a safe fieldcraft exercise tonight and tomorrow.

Lessons such as firing in different positions, stripping the weapon, applying slings and marksmanship principles were taught to refresh the minds of those cadets that have not used a weapon since before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Weapon Handling Tests are important for a cadet to pass to ensure they are capable when firing blank rounds during the exercise. All adult instructors are also tested to ensure a safe system of training.

Finally all cadets watched a "Don't Gamble with Ammo" Video. This highlights the dangers of picking up any ammunition found whilst out on exercise, and details exactly how to deal with anything they do find.

We hope they all have a safe fieldcraft exercise and that the weather remains sunny for them all.

SSI Chadwick - County PRO