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Derbyshire acf annual camp

Derbyshire ACF Annual Camp - Day 3

Derbyshire acf annual camp

9 August 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

Annual Camp - Day 3

A and C Company cadets and adult staff harboured out last night on field exercise and are completing more fieldcraft lessons today before returning after lunch to clean their weapons.

The cadets underwent a navigation exercise to arrive at their harbour area, before setting up bashas before the rain came.

All cadets were taught lessons in harbour drills, patrolling, shelter building and fire and movement before completing their field exercises.

2 star cadets completed their field exercise using fire and movement, firing at the enemy before withdrawing.

The senior cadets completed a battlefield exercise including the use of pyrotechnics, the younger cadets were able to watch this happen also as it was a brilliant experience for them.

Check out the photos from the lessons and fieldcraft exercise that took place.

SSI Chadwick

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