Day 1 No 1 Minden Coy 16

Day One of Annual Camp 2021 for No 1 (Minden) Company

Day One of Annual Camp 2021 for No 1 (Minden) Company

14 August 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO

Today was a great first day for the cadets and staff. All cadets were picked up from their home locations at 7.30am. All cadets confirmed a negative Covid test before boarding the coach wearing masks. A great start.

On arrival at camp the cadets were welcomed by their Company Commander Major Lee Kennerley and then it was straight into the dining room for a cooked breakfast. After breakfast details of the plans for the next four days were given by the Company Training Officer SMI Matt Hilton.

Col Catherine Harrison, Commandant was very excited to see the cadets and throughout the day she spent time out on the different activities, taking part in some, and chatting with all the cadets.

The cadets were put into bubbles today all wearing a different coloured badge to make it easier for them and the staff to remember the group they were in.

The activities today were rotated between Command Tasks, Values and Standards with Padre Gerard Fieldhouse-Byrne and Padre Paul Sumpsion. The third group was with 103 Regiment Royal Artillery (RA) Reservists who brought along one of their guns. The soldiers gave an insight into the L118 105mm Light Gun and spoke about the Royal Artillery. The brilliant soldiers were WO2 Lewis, SSgt Guinnane, SSgt Healey and Lbdr Hatton. They will be returning for each Company to give every cadet the opportunity to find out more about the work they do and to see the gun and other equipment they brought along.

During lunch the CEO Major Keith Noble spoke with every cadet and handed them the new cadet safeguarding card with details on both sides which included useful and important telephone numbers for the cadets to ring for advice or support. The adult volunteers were also given a guidance card to give them the information, should a cadet speak to them for advice. This also had numbers for them to share with cadets.

After lunch a presentation was made to Major Andy Pilling who was the Company Training Officer as a Capt, before being promoted to Major and taking over No 3 (Somme) Company. SSI Michael Shepherd presented a trophy on behalf of the Company to thank him for all his hard work.

A further presentation was made to Cadet Isherwood who was recently awarded the Top Student Award on the ACF virtual Music Camp. More on this to follow.

The activities continued throughout the afternoon which ended before evening meal when there was time to practice some drill. The drill included our County RSMI Dougie Craddock taking part in ‘knock out drill’ and ‘speed drill’. This was a sight to be seen. A great time had by all.

The day ended after evening meal when the cadets boarded their coaches to be returned home for a well-earned rest and to get ready for returning for Day 2.

All pictures from Day 1 can be found on our County Facebook page as requested by cadets who said it was easier for them to save pictures of themselves.

Please note: All activities are conducted under Army Cadet Covid-19 Guidance.

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