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Day 8 at Rollestone Camp

Welcome to our Annual Camp 2023 Diary

Day 8 at Rollestone Camp

1 August 2023

  • Greater London South West Sector ACF

Day 8

The end is on sight and while our 2, 3, and 4 stars have now been here over a week, our 1 stars are just getting to a flow and are improving in every subject.

Our 1 stars continued with their military skills and expedition skills lessons in preparation for their walks tomorrow and Wednesday.

Our 2 stars continued with their military skills testing phase.

Our 3 stars completed their navigation testing phase.

Our 4 stars travelled to Devon for a adrenaline fuelled Adventurous training package consisting of Coast Steering and Abseiling from a 150ft Aqueduct.

We also had VIP Visitors from London District come to camp, they spent time looking at all levels of cadet training, camp management and the operating state of the Sector.

We are also delighted for Capt Rice and Major Ski on their Colonel Cadets Awards for their hardwork and dedication.

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