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Day 3 at Rollestone Camp

Welcome to our Annual Camp Diary

Day 3 at Rollestone Camp

30 July 2023

  • Greater London South West Sector ACF

Day 3

Our 3 and 4 Stars came back in from the field and spent the rest of the day weapons cleaning and personal admin (having a shower, having a proper dinner and catching up on sleep).

Our 2 Stars swapped over programmes and completed the reverse of Day 2.

Our 1 stars started the expedition package and completed the first leg of their walk and tent building as well as eating from rations.

As dusk fell on Wednesday evening, across the plain a rumble started to be heard and the out of the drizzly rain appeared a Challenger 2 tank. The tank and crew from the Kings Royal Hussars came to see our cadets and CFAV’s. Despite the rain, our cadets queued for the 90mins to have the opportunity to climb over and in this monster of a tank. The crew who were either ex cadets or local lads from Croydon, explained about the tank and their roles and gave an overview of what they were doing on the plain surrounding camp.