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Day 3 at Easter Camp!

Navigation and Skill at Arms have been on the cards today for our Adults, as they continue learning and refreshing their skills ready for the full return to training.

Day 3 at Easter Camp!

4 April 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

And the Training Continues...

It was certainly a tad chilly this morning as they started, but despite the challenge of training outside in the cold, spirits were high amongst the 19 participants and their dedicated team of instructors.Each package during the week is 2 days long, with back to basics to support the CFAVs on their journey into becoming fully fledged instructors, and also training for all those who want a refresher. The new instructors come from many backgrounds: some are ex-cadets, some have previous Regular or Reserve experience and others are completely new to the whole cadet experience. It’s so important to ensure that when they complete their training and join a detachment, they are confident in their ability to move to the next phase - for we all know that training and development is ongoing, even for the most experienced of instructors, to ensure that they are up-to-date, competent and able to offer the very best that our cadets deserve.This week’s adults are having a blast - new skills, new friends, new experiences and becoming part of an extended family. Whatever your background, whatever your previous experience, we might just be able to offer you a unique opportunity to give a little back to the local community and have an impact on the next generation. Why not give us a try? This could be your new adventure!

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