Day Two Annual Camp 2022

Day 2 – Greater Manchester ACF Annual Camp 2022

Day 2 – Greater Manchester ACF Annual Camp 2022

19 August 2022

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

Another great day for the cadets. And staff, as we love it too.

The cadets love being woke up at 6.30am and all are so easy to wake up. Ok maybe not, but the cadets are amazing, and with no complaints everyone was up and ready for 7am where they marched up the hill to Breakfast. After breakfast, which is a full cooked breakfast, cereal, toast and fruit, the cadets went off to join their training group which was assigned to them yesterday.

The coordination of getting cadets and staff to the areas of training went to plan thanks to the brilliant organisational skills of so many different and experienced adult volunteers and permanent staff. We have medical support on site for any incidents that may occur. One of the team is Sgt Paul Grundy from the Royal Army Medical Corp, 101 Bn (REME), 127 Company (REME). Sgt Grundy is on loan to Greater Manchester ACF for the duration of camp.

One group was taken out to where the expedition is taking place. The cadets will visit Hadrian’s Wall, climbing on a crag and walking. The walking will put to the test the navigation skills what the cadets have previously learnt at their detachments. Each group will spend two days and one night staying in tents at campsites near to where they are training. Thank you to Major Lee Kennerley and his staff for the photos on the expedition.

Another group went out onto the huge training area of the camp we are staying. They will spend two days and one night sleeping under a basher and eating food from ration packs which are cooked by themselves, under supervision of the staff. I went out to see the cadets early in the evening when they were making their food. No complaints from anyone as the ration packs are definitely not rations. They are filled with lots of different food choices, which included pasta, curry and other nice meals and of course there are lots of treats in the packs.

I spent time on the outdoor shooting ranges with the more senior cadets. See pictures.

Cadets who remained on camp training, needed to pass some subjects from the APC Syllabus. This included, First Aid, Drill and Turnout and some Weapon Handling tests.

At the end of each day a meeting is held by the Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison, with the Senior Leadership Team, to talk through the days training and what is needed to ensure that every cadet has a positive cadet experience. The cadets having a positive cadet experience is one of the aims of the camp, and this is what every adult on the camp hopes this aim is achieved.

Thank you always to the wonderful staff, adult volunteers, and permanent staff, of Greater Manchester ACF for everything you do. The work is endless.

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Day Two Annual Camp 2022