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Day 2 at Rollestone Camp 2023

Welcome to our Annual Camp Diary

Day 2 at Rollestone Camp 2023

30 July 2023

  • Greater London South West Sector ACF

Day 2

The 3&4 Stars are still out practising their Ambushes and Leadership skills.

The 2 Stars split into two groups, the first group drove to Devon for an adrenaline fuelled Adventurous Training package and the other group started their Expedition.

The 1 Stars started their shooting package, first aid and drill testing along with an ACF Healthy Minds Session.

On Tuesday we also had the first of our VIP Visitors with our Inspiring ACF Ambassador Mr Jordan Wylie MBE spending the entire day with the cadets going out on the ambushes, sitting and chatting. The Regional Command Media team also finished shooting the upcoming and coming ACF documentary which will be starring cadets from South West London ACF telling their story and explaining their personal stories.

We also had Colonel Simon Worth, Colonel of the Royal Tank Regiment visit 13 Coy and 131 RTR Detachment. Colonel Worth also presented the Officer Commanding 13 Coy with a Royal British Legion Affiliation Certificate for the entire company. The Royal Tank Regiment have a long connection with Wandsworth and the regiment have freedom of the borough so it was fitting to have Colonel Worth present the certificate.

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