Day 2 - No 4 (Korea) Company

Day 2 - Annual Camp - No 4 (Korea) Company

Day 2 - Annual Camp - No 4 (Korea) Company

21 August 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO

The day always begins with a cooked breakfast which includes cereal. This is great for the cadets and staff as this sets them up for the day ahead. After breakfast it was off to the stores to collect waterproofs and other equipment needed for a day of navigation and map reading skills.

The cadets and staff planned well for the expected rain today which meant everyone enjoyed their walk as no one got too wet.

WO2 Darrell Jones, Training Safety Advisor (TSA) from HQ NW Brigade also walked the route the cadets and staff walked. He too enjoyed walking and seeing each group of cadets and staff when on the hills.

Close to Holcombe Moor Training Camp there is a farm with horses. One of the cadets was overheard by the horse owner, asking to stroke the horses. When the owner heard this she invited the cadets into the stable area to stroke and feed the horses. The cadets were happy about this as it's not every day the cadets see horses when living in the inner city areas of Greater Manchester.

Another great day for No 4 (Korea) Company. The next two days the cadets and staff will take part in Adventurous Training. All are looking forward to this.

Thank you for the pictures from today to Lt Emma Harrison, SSI Gemma Chappell, SSI Adele Waring, SI Dominic Carvell, SI Chloe Kitchener, SI Shaun Schofield and SSI Katie Whiteside. ( I hope I haven't forgotten anyone?)

Pictures from Day 2 can be found on our County Facebook page.

Please note: All activities are conducted under Army Cadet Covid-19 Guidance.

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