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Day 10 at Rollestone Camp

Welcome to our Annual Camp Diary

Day 10 at Rollestone Camp

3 August 2023

  • Greater London South West Sector ACF

Day 10

Today was the wettest day so far but this not stop out 1 stars from completing their expedition and navigation exercise, their spirits was amazingly high in spite of the weather. In the afternoon we had an afternoon movies and presentation in order for everyone to have a chance of drying out.

The 2 stars entered their final ACS testing phase with the last group completing their Adventurous Training even the Adult Instructors took to the water.

The 3 stars are still continuing with the ACS testing and DofE expedition and navigation.

We have heard from our Cadet RSM who is currently at Frimley Park CTC , he is attending his Master Cadet course and is enjoying the whole experience.

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