No 4 (Korea) Company

Day 1 - Annual Camp - No 4 (Korea) Company

Day 1 - Annual Camp - No 4 (Korea) Company

20 August 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO

No 4 (Korea) Company arrived at Holcombe Moor Training Camp to begin their 1st day of Annual Camp.

The priority for cadets was breakfast before going into the welfare suite for a welcome by the Company Training Officer, Capt Andi Boulton and the Company Commander, Major Steve Wright.

After the welcome back and the cadets were put into groups and took out onto the area where they took part in Command Tasks which was organised by the company staff, had a discussion on the Army Cadets Values and Standards with the Padre’s and the third group was with the team of soldiers from 103 Regiment Royal Artillery (RA) Reservists. The soldiers gave an insight into the L118 105mm Light Gun which they brought along and spoke about the Royal Artillery.

Whilst the cadets were taking part in the activities the Company Sergeant Major, CSM Ian Dawes was taking 2 adults at a time to go through the weapon handling tests to bring all the staff in date with their training ready for when everyone is back into detachments. CSM Dawes said all staff passed which he was really pleased with as he said he expected one or two to have some skill fade after 17 months out, but none did. This is great news.

After lunch the cadets went back out to continue with the activities. All said they really enjoyed them.

The highlight of the afternoon was the cadets and staff, along with the Padre’s having a game of football rounders. A live video went out earlier on our County Facebook page for everyone to see. If you haven’t yet watched it, please do.

The sun shone today which was great for everyone. Sadly, tomorrow heavy rain is coming. This I am sure will not stop the cadets enjoying being out on the hills practising their navigation skills.

All pictures from Day 1 can be found on our County Facebook page.

Thank you to SI Hannah Grech, SSI Adele Waring, SSI Gemma Chappell and PI Chloe Kitchener for taking some of the photos today.

Please note: All activities are conducted under Army Cadet Covid-19 Guidance.

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