D Coy winning team

D Company win the inter County Military Skills Competition

D Company win the inter County Military Skills Competition

26 October 2023

  • Kent ACF
  • D Coy winning team

    Winners D Coy Team A

  • A Company mil skills comp

    A Company

  • Sqn A team with staff

    Squadron A Team

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Last weekend six teams from A, B, D Company and Kent ACF Squadron RE battled it out in the military skills competition, the winning team will go through to the national showdown.

The teams were pitched against each other to test their teamwork, with a challenging skills-based competition which was designed to test leadership, team cohesion, endurance and military skills and knowledge. All the teams worked well together showcasing all the skills they’ve learnt during their time in Kent ACF.

The teams were required to undertake several stands including navigation, signals, casualty evacuation, section attacks, patrolling, shooting and command tasks.

The winning team comprised of the following cadets, led by SI Ben Wheeler and his adult team: Sgt Dave Philpott (Wrotham) and Sgt Dan Martin (Boxley Road):

D Coy Team Alpha:

IC - CSgt Mciver-Hall, Cranbrook

Cpl Newby, Wrotham

Sgt King, Boxley Rd

Cpl Woods, Boxley Rd

2IC - CSgt Wheeler, Boxley Rd

Cpl Rivers, Cranbrook

Cpl Jenner-Hall, Sevenoaks

Cpl Garbini, Sevenoaks

Well done to the other teams, the results are:

1st - D Coy A Team

2nd - Kent RE A Team

3rd - A Coy

4th - B Coy

5th - Kent RE B Team

6th - D Coy B Team

CSgt McIver-Hall, D Coy Team Alpha IC, Cranbrook Detachment said:

"Last weekend I was given the honour and privilege of being Section Commander for D Coy’s A team for the county military skills competition.

My team comprised of 8 cadets (including me) and we had to compete over a range of stands which tested the skills we have learnt during our time as cadets.

Team cohesion was brilliant, and morale and positivity remained high despite it being physically testing, tiredness setting in at points and the conditions being very wet.

I had met the other cadets before on previous weekends and camps, and I was confident that between us we had the ability to do well. Every cadet gave 100% and we worked very well as a team, utilising everyone’s strengths to overcome the various challenges. We received positive feedback at all the stands, but I think we did particularly well on the casualty evacuation and the section attack, due to well rehearsed drills, good team work and great communication between us.

The stretcher race and the speed match were the most physically and mentally testing and the cadets had to dig deep and push through.

Every single cadet on the team gave their upmost effort on every stand and in everything they did over the entire weekend, which led to D Coy being crowned as the winners. It was an outstanding performance by every member of the team and I am really proud of what we achieved".

There was only 1 point between 1st & 2nd and 1 point between 5th & 6th!

And finally, a huge thank you and congratulations to the team and all Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV’s) involved with the event.

Army Cadets – To Inspire, To Achieve!

"The weekend was a real blast as I was given the opportunity to be in the County Military Skills Team, the stands were a lot of fun and we had performed fantasticly. Our best stand was the section attack and the casevac. Once we had won, the team and I were over the moon with our victory as for most of us this was our first time in a competition like this.

CSgt Wheeler, D Coy Team Alpha 2Ic, Boxley Road Detachment: