SI Doran


The 18th of May seemed like it was going to be a day just like many others for SI Ryan Doran of D Company's Spen Valley Detachment. Then, on his way to work in Elland early that morning, as he drove through Hipperholme, he was flagged down by a man who told him that a boy had just been hit by a car.


12 June 2021

  • Yorkshire (North And West) ACF

As a First Aid-trained Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV), SI Doran immediately pulled his car over and went over towards where the 14 year-old boy was lying.

"He was rolling about screaming about his neck," recalled SI Doran. "I could see that a gentleman was trying to pick him up, and that is when I decided to take over the situation."

He continued: "While carrying out the First Aid Primary Survey, I quickly established that we needed to keep him still because of the neck pain. He was also complaining of stomach and head pain. The young teenager's backpack straps were very tight around his shoulders, so his dad and uncle cut the straps to relieve the pressure, but I made sure they did not then move the bag. I realised I had to keep his head and neck still, and I asked his mother to gently keep his legs still as well. The lad had a big bump on the side of his head, which was a big concern, and he continued to complain of stomach pain. I also suspected one of his shoulders was possibly dislocated or broken, given how it was lying in comparison to his other shoulder."

Throughout the ordeal, SI Doran continued to talk to the teenager to making sure he was as comfortable and calm as possible, while also reassuring his family members, as he had to think about the potential for them to suffer shock.

When the ambulance arrived, the crew asked SI Doran to continue keeping the head and neck still while they did their observations. By this stage, the police were also present. After the boy was put into the ambulance and taken to hospital, the modest CFAV gave his details to the police and carried on to work.

Later that day, SI Doran was able to visit the family home to get an update on the teenager's condition, as he was en route to that evening's training at the Halifax Hub (where Spen Valley members are currently parading). The boy's father was very grateful for all the help SI Doran had given, and explained that his son was being kept in hospital as he had sustained a broken shoulder (which required surgery), a broken leg, and cuts and bruising to the face and arms.

​​​​SI Doran's actions epitomise the spirit of our Adult Volunteers to help the community, and reflect the excellent standards of training that our members receive. SI Doran is actually a former cadet (whose Detachment Commander then is now his Company Commander, Major Dave Lodge!) so the First Aid training he has received from the ACF started at an early age.

Major Lodge, the members of D Company and, indeed, all of us here at Yorkshire (N&W) ACF are extremely proud of SI Doran and the actions he took on that Tuesday morning. As a result, he is going to be nominated for a national ACFA Praiseworthy First Aid Award!