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D Company hard at work

D Company Weekend - by 2Lt Adam Fidment

D Company hard at work

16 May 2022

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Throughout the weekend of 13th – 15th May, D company attended a company training weekend at Driffield Cadet Training Centre.

The One Start cadets undertook some Skill at Arms training. There was a varied skill level with some cadets having an introduction to the L98A2 Cadet General Purpose Weapon whilst others completed their training and managed to complete a weapons handling test. All cadets involved made huge amount of progress and we are looking forward to them putting these skill into action as they progress, fire the weapon and apply this knowledge during their Fieldcraft training.

A group of 7 2* cadets started their 2* expedition with quick revision lessons of first aid, country side code which include access routes, route cards and what the emergency plan was if one was to happen. At 11:30am, they were driven to their starting point which was Huggate. The aim was to do 16km back to CTC training area and they smashed their goal! Not only did they work as a team but they were respectful and polite to the public and they all enjoyed themselves. They walked from point to point from 11:30am until 5:45pm with the adults remotely supervising them. On arrival of CTC training area, they set up their tents and enjoyed some well-earned down time before eating hot dogs. On Sunday morning, it was bacon and egg sandwiches and more hotdogs prior to setting off. They needed to walk from CTC training area to Wet Wang - where they would be met at the finishing point. Once again with smiles on their faces, hard work and determination, they crossed the finishing line whilst listening to the national anthem!

The weekend also featured a visit by Corporal Hall, from the Royal Anglian Regiment, visited the cadets to give them a presentation about the Mali Operational Tour. Both cadets and CFAV enjoyed the informative presentation and found out about Operation Newcombe 2. Cadets were given an understanding and insight into military life and developed an understanding of what they could do and achieve if they decide to take a career in the military. Many of the cadets showed a keen interest in developing their understanding of the variety of weapon systems that are used and seen; some of which they had not yet seen in their ACF career. Following on from the presentation, the cadets were intrigued about various aspects and so had a range of questions to ask Corporal Hall – of which he happily answered and used to further inspire the cadets.

During the final parade Major Christopher Ledger presented certificates for two Star signals training that was ran during a previous weekend by SMI Clark. This training gave the cadets an understanding of some of the key aspects of being able to use a radio as a cadets, understand cyber and safety and use correct voice procedure. These cadets have been trained up to the level of Two Star and we are looking forward to seeing them progress further and use the radios as part of their training for other aspects of the syllabus.

Major ledger was also able to make presentation to three adult instructors. They each received First Aid at Work certificates. 2Lt Adam Fidment, 2Lt Kate Jackson and Staff Sergeant Rebecca Montgomery are now current and competent in First Aid. This will allow them to share this knowledge with cadets and also use First Aid when necessary.

Finally Major Ledger was able to made his first set of promotions, during a camp. Cadet Amber Batty and Cadet Liam Finlay (both from Wombwell Detachment) received their promotion to Lance Corporal. They have worked extremely hard to achieve this and I am sure they will continue with their integrity and selfless commitment as they continue to progress in their ACF career.