CyberFirst Adventurers

CyberFirst Adventurers

13 February 2023

  • Cornwall ACF

Army cadets from Cornwall joined others from across the country to attend the CyberFirst Adventurers Course at Blandford Forum.

The course helps to introduce awareness of cyber security, develops digital skills, promotes careers in STEM and tackles cyber stereotypes.

This weekend, the Army Cadet Cyber team hosted this exciting course junior cadets for 12-14 years. The CyberFirst Adventurers Course has been written by the NCSC and provides an insight into the world of cyber and how common threats can be managed. The course introduces various elements including looking at cyber security, data mining, cryptography and networking.


The course increases awareness of cyber security, and in developing practical skills. It helps promote STEM careers for the next generation.

Well done to all the cadets that took part in the cyber course - they all would like to progress to the next step which is the 5 day CyberFirst Defenders Course, and we look forward to introducing more cadets to the would of Cyber soon!

If you are interested in these courses, please contact your county CiS officer or your detachment commander.

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