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Cyber-Security expert James Tamblin speaks with Bury Cadets

Cyber-Security expert James Tamblin speaks with Bury Cadets

11 March 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By SI James Hutton, Bury Detachment, No 1 (Minden) Company

Bury Detachment recently played host to renowned Cyber-Security expert James Tamblin. James had a successful career in the Army, attending Sandhurst and being commissioned into the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Following that he undertook the gruelling airborne course “P” Company and completed jump training at RAF Brize Norton.

A transfer into an Intelligence role came next, passing an arduous course in order to be able to conduct covert intelligence operations with local operatives. James was deployed to Iraq as part of Op. Telic in 2006. He had only been in theatre for a few weeks when he was injured during an attack on a Multi-National Forces boat patrol on the Shatt Al-Arab waterway where four service men and women were sadly killed.

After James left the Army, he founded a Cyber-Security consultancy. He has worked for many FTSE 100 companies, Premiership Football Clubs and for senior members of the Royal Family.

James gave a highly informative talk to Bury’s Cadets and staff about his service career and the main threats that we face online. He demonstrated ways that hackers can access our personal information and threats that are prevalent today.

He also gave lots of hints and tips regarding staying safe online, including using Password Managers and turning on Two Factor Authorisation (2FA).

Bury Detachment are profoundly grateful to James for giving up his time and letting us have an insight into a particularly important subject.


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