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CVQO Success for Cadet CSM Ollie Osman

CVQO Success for Cadet CSM Ollie Osman

4 July 2023

  • Kent ACF

Cadet Company Sergeant Major Ollie Osman from Wrotham Detachment tells us about his experience of studying for his Level 2 BTEC Award.

Here's what he said:

"The CVQO course is an amazing opportunity to gain a BTEC recognised qualification in teamwork and personal development. the course has 11 units, some are optional and each unit requires you to explain and give examples of times when you as an individual used effective teamwork skills, leadership skills and volunteer work within your local community.

This course taught me a lot about how vital teamwork and communication is in not only cadet settings, but in day-to-day life and the wider community also.

It has helped me understand the importance of these skills but also how they can be used effectively with examples given at every unit that I have begun to integrate into my life when I have had to lead or work in a team.

The course is for cadets aged 16+ only, so with me joining the Army Cadet Force at age 12, some of the units were completed due to my DofE and Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre (SCIC) qualifications.

In both of those events teamwork and communication was vital, so this course has really helped me evaluate and develop my knowledge and approach to these skills.

Overall I would say that this is an amazing qualification to have and this course has really help me enhance and analyse my own skills, to help me improve them and better myself as a person.

D Company Cadet CSM Ollie Osman

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This qualification can be put on your CV to help you when you begin looking for jobs, this qualification also shows that you are a confident leader and have understood and applied various techniques in leadership and teamwork.