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CSM Award Night and Cadet Mess Night

A (Ferozeshah) Company

CSM Award Night and Cadet Mess Night

19 December 2021

  • Wiltshire ACF
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On Saturday 18th December 2021 A (Ferozeshah) Company held their CSM Award night. Additionally this year, a Mess Dinner Night was held for the Cadets of A Company.

The CSM Awards were brought about when CSMI J Hearn became CSM for A Coy. She wanted to celebrate and reward the cadets, based on our Core Values and Standards. This is now the second year this has been held. Last year, was a lower-key affair than she has hoped for due to Covid19 Restrictions. So this year it was to be bigger and better than last year.

Each detachment within A Coy nominates up to two cadets, that they feel go above and beyond based on the Core Values and Standards.

7 cadets were nominated within the company. The cadets and their parents/guardians/carers were invited to attend. The nominees were

1 Cdt L/Cp Bowker, Church Place Detachment

2 Cdt Bevington, Dorcan Detachment

3 Cdt L/Cpl Emery, Abbey Park Detachment

4 Cdt L/Cpl Drake, Abbey Park Detachment

5 Cdt Hendricks, Royal Wootton Bassett Detachment

6 Cdt Challoner, Royal Wootton Bassett Detachment

7 Cdt Cpl Blackburn, Swindon Academy Detachment

The standards were very high and the decision was difficult for the Company OC, 2I/C, and CSM. Sadly one cadet only could win the award.

After some serious discussions, This year's CSMs Award goes to Cdt L/Cpl Emery from Abbey Park Detachment. A massive congratulations to you and to all the nominees.

L/Cpl Emery CSM Award Winner 2021
L/Cpl Emery CSM Award Winner 2021

Mess Dinner Night.

Once the CSM Award was completed, the Mess Dinner Event began.

This is the first time that this event was held. As a show of appreciation for the cadet's outstanding Commitment and Loyalty throughout the Covid19 lockdowns during no Face to Face Training. CSM Jo Hearn organised Ferozeshah "A" Company's first-ever Mess Dinner Night, with all the trimmings, pomp, and ceremony of a Regular Army Unit (less Alcohol obviously)

Months of planning and organisation had already been carried out. Then Covid19 began to raise its head once again, but this time the Omicron Variant. After additional Covid Measures were agreed and put in place, the event was allowed to go ahead. A special thank you should go to Squadron Sergeant Major, WO2 Walls from The Royal Wessex Yeomanry, his team, and the Chain of Command for their assistance in making this event such a special event for our cadets. Many of whom, missed out on their school proms due to Covid restrictions last year so this was a welcome pleasure to get out those unused Prom Dresses and Suits.

The Cadets were given Mess Etiquette guidance, from WO2 Walls, during the week but then it was up to them.

Acting as PMC (President of the Mess Committee) and VPMC (Vice) were all cadets, with guidance only if needed by WO2 Walls. Apart from the VIP Head table, all the other Adults were now Mess Waiters for the Cadets.

In attendance on The head table for the night were; Wiltshire ACF Commandant, Colonel B Haggerty. Maj L Bampfield, OC A Company. Maj A Emery OC C Company. WO2 Walls, Royal Wessex Yeomanry. RSMI Hearn, County RSM. Cdt RSM Giles, Cadet RSM. SC SM Hearn, PMC. Mrs. Mel Milne from Iceland Foods Ltd and L/Cpl Emery, 2021 CSM Award Winner.

Throughout the night, amongst others, there were various presentations to:

  • RSMI Hearn, who was previously CSM of A Company prior to his appointment as RSM
  • Maj Emery who was 2I/C of A Coy, before his promotion and appointment to C (Arakan) Company OC
  • WO2 Walls for his help and assistance for this event to be such a success.
  • Mrs. Mel Milne. The Inventory Manager of Iceland Foods Ltd, who has supported us with kind donations throughout the year.
  • The Staff Cadets were presented with a thank you for their help and support prior to the event. This contributed to securing the venue and drapes, they were also the sounding board for ideas and the voice that represented the cadets, which was a huge help to the CSM

Our cadets were treated to an exceptional 3-course meal, followed by Cheese and Biscuits, as cooked by 2 Army Chefs.

As proceedings of the mess dinner went on. The PMC and Mr Vice, gave the toasts. With the Schloer (other soft drinks are available) being poured in place of Port the Cadets began a series of toasts. Also remembering, with a minute silence, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

The cadets looked and behaved impeccably. Really relishing the opportunity to enjoy and be enthused on this occasion, A (Ferozeshah) Company's first Mess Dinner.

Wilts ACF A Company Mess Dinner Night
Wilts ACF A Company Mess Dinner Night

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