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Cowdenbeath Children's Gala

Back after 4 Years

Cowdenbeath Children's Gala

31 July 2023

  • Black Watch Battalion ACF

The much-awaited Cowdenbeath Children's Gala made a triumphant return after a four-year break, The event saw an enthusiastic participation of cadets and adults, creating a memorable day filled with fun activities and camaraderie.

Leading the Cadet contingent was Staff Sergeant Shona Richardson, the Cowdenbeath ACF Detachment Commander, who played a pivotal role in organizing and guiding the young cadets. The Cadet stand showcased various equipment and informative materials about the exciting activities of the ACF, as well as providing valuable information on how to join the ranks of the esteemed organisation.

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The Cadets displayed their diverse talents the crowds were treated to delightful singing and dancing performances, showcasing the dedication and enthusiasm of the young cadets.

The Cowdenbeath Children's Gala witnessed an impressive turnout, with the local community wholeheartedly embracing the event's return. The event's revival has instilled a renewed sense of excitement among the Cadets, who are already looking forward to next year's celebration.

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