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COVID 19 Update

2nd December 2021 Update

COVID 19 Update

4 December 2021

  • Wiltshire ACF
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As of 2 Dec, 2021 new guidance from The National Youth Agency and Regional Command Cadets came into force.

The good news is that Training, including residential training, can continue.

Below is a summary of the new changes and a message from Col Haggerty, Commandant of Wiltshire Army Cadet Force.

You can also view/download the Full Documents from RC and NYA

Summary of Guidance

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, whilst in enclosed spaces - this includes when seated. (Unless exempt)
  • Washing of hands must take place regularly.
  • Touchpoints and equipment must be cleaned regularly.
  • Enclosed areas should be well ventilated.
  • There are no limits to bubble sizes.
  • There is no mandated distance for social distancing.
  • Bubbles may travel together, train together, and eat together.
  • LFTs are still required, before attending residential training and every 48-72 hours thereafter.

Message from The Commandant Col B Haggerty:

All planned activities will continue, but hygiene measures must be rigidly enforced, as above.

Face coverings must be worn at all times whilst in enclosed spaces (less those that are medically exempt), apart from whilst sleeping.

Indoor spaces should be ventilated.

As far as possible accommodation should be arranged, so that cadets (and adults) from different Detachments sleep in separate rooms i.e. arranged by Detachment rather than star level.

Thorough records must be made of sleeping arrangements, in order to notify attendees should anyone test positive after attending training.

Declarations of negative LFT results prior to attending must be submitted to OICs by all those attending.

Additional requirements required by 3rd party venues (ie schools) must also be adhered to (may include a cap on numbers, visitors, etc).


I am confident that following the direction above will reduce the risk as low as possible, whilst allowing training to continue.