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County Shooting Practice. 19-20th March 2021.

Honing and polishing shooting skills in cold and gusty conditions

County Shooting Practice. 19-20th March 2021.

24 March 2022

  • Somerset ACF

Words & pictures by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell/County PR Officer

Over the weekend of 19-20 March the Bn Shooting Time spent valuable time on the range at Yoxter Cadet Training Centre, with cadets brushing up individual skills, using the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle 5.56mm instead of the L81A1 Cadet Target Rifle 7.62mm which is still awaiting certification in order to allow it back into service.

The weather was bright but fairly chilly, with a strong wind and frequent gusts making it feel much colder than it actually was. Luckily the rain, which has blighted so many events at Yoxter, stayed away and the first real hints of spring were in the air.

The principles of accurate shooting are exactly the same, regardless of the rifle being used, so the weekend was extremely useful to everyone, allowing cadets to regain skills that may have rusted slightly during the lockdown period, as well as affording the adult instructors the same luxury.

SSI Geraint Horton, the Range Control Officer, and his team of SSI Mark Rhodes, SSI Mark Ovens and SSI Kevin Relph, oversaw a highly successful weekend’s training.

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