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Cadets test their Fieldcraft skills

C Company Battle Camp - by SSI Donna Nixon

Cadets test their Fieldcraft skills

26 June 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Last weekend saw C Company deployed to Strensall training area to put their fieldcraft skills to the test in a two day exercise.

After a swift refresher on how to construct "bashas" (improvised shelters made with ponchos / waterproof sheets) the cadets spent the night in platoon harbours and woke up early prepared for the training ahead.


Cadets learnt more about living and operating in the field and conducted Army Cadet Syllabus fieldcraft training. They took part in instruction in general fieldcraft, weapon training, battle lanes, section attacks and reconnaissance patrols.

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The training was immediately put to use in a blank firing exercise, where Cadets conducted patrols and section attacks whilst firing blank ammunition.

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After a second night in the field and more action the cadets and staff all headed back to Doncaster for a final parade. At the parade the Company Commander Erica McCabe took the opportunity to make some promotions.

Cadet Violet Allen of Doncaster was promoted to Cadet Lance Corporal and said: "It’s been a camp to remember due to me receiving my first rank hopefully of many.

cadet corporal Charley Foster Tomlinson of Adwick was promoted to Cadet Sergeant. He said:"It’s been a action packed weekend with lots of highlights."

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