Ruby Gardner

Community Volunteer

Wrexham cadet Ruby Gardner becomes community volunteer during lockdown

Community Volunteer

16 February 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Wrexham cadet Ruby Gardner has found a way of contributing to her Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering section during the lockdown restrictions by joining a volunteer litter picking group. Teaming up with mother Amanda and her elder sister she joined a group called Wrexham litter pickers.

Ruby reported, “We do litter picking as and when the weather is ok really and if someones seems to need help with a huge task then we will go and join them.” Amanda added “the task that I've taken on myself with Ruby and her elder sister is to try and clean up Whitegate Park. It's proving to be a bit of a mission. Humans really can be disgusting creatures.”

Detachment Commander James Heyward said “Well done Ruby absolutely amazing effort” and Detachment Instructor Michael Atherton added “your community work has continually impressed and has gone a long way to make your community a much more pleasant place through your hard work. Certainly above and beyond, well done”