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Community Spirit!

Today marks the first ever ‘Thank You Day’, designed to give everyone the opportunity to say thank you for the acts of kindness, generosity and community spirit which have enabled all of us to find our way through what has been, for many, an incredibly difficult 18 months.

Community Spirit!

4 July 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

Across the nation, people have supported each other, from checking in on a neighbour to sewing masks, picking up shopping to the selfless commitment of keyworkers. No matter how big or a small, all of these have made a difference to someone, and everyone has played their part. So, this unique day also gives us the perfect opportunity to say a massive thank you to our incredible family of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, Civillian Assistants and Permanent Staff Team, who have worked hard to ensure that despite the difficulties, training was able to continue. This year has been particularly challenging for everyone, and everyone involved in the ACF has to make massive changes in the way that they work. With the huge shift to online training, it hasn’t been just about altering the way the syllabus is presented, but also about ensuring that adults have the skills and knowledge to be able to use this new technology! It’s certainly been a pretty steep learning curve!

We must also take the opportunity to thank our cadets - for their enthusiasm, engagement and of course the support they have given to their own communities, putting into practice those key values that underpin everything we do. And of course, to the families for both our cadets and adults, for facilitating the engagement with online training, and the continuing trust and support as we return to face-to-face training.

Together we are the #GandPFamily

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