Communcations and Information Systems Training

Communcations and Information Systems Training

2 March 2022

  • 2nd Battalion The Highlanders ACF

A couple of weeks ago cadets from Stonehaven and beyond undertook the CIS (Communications and Information Systems) training at both Basic and One Star level which is now a mandatory part of the Army Cadet Syllabus (ACS) which is replacing the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC). The training includes use of the Personal Role Radio (PRR) and some more traditional forms of communication such as semaphore and morse code. For those who are wondering what the cadets are spelling in their Fun with Flags session and don’t want to use the semaphore code provided to decode it, it spells . . . - - - - -. . . . . . .- . . . - . -.

This is part of a series of training weekends involving CIS within Vittoria Coy – previous weekend was at Banchory Detachment followed by a weekend training session at the Gordon Barracks in Bridge of Don. While some cadets are doing their Basic and 1 Star training to the revised syllabus, those needing to use the PRR for fieldcraft at Annual Camp should also be taking CIS to bring them up to speed. Speak to your Detachment Commander for more information.