Cdt Sgt Amelia Bates Hindley

Commandants Coin for Cadet Sgt Bates

Commandants Coin for Cadet Sgt Bates

26 November 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By SSI Sue Sergison, Detachment Commander Hindley, No 5 (Anzio) Company

Following discussion with my staff, all put forward the name of Cadet Sgt Amelia Bates for the award of Commandants Coin.

She has been a loyal and integral part of Hindley detachment. She is a highly astute young woman, who can identify anyone who is struggling with any task. Amelia is exceptional with other cadets from the detachment and company who have challenging behaviour, particularly those with autism or other learning difficulties.

Cadet Sgt Bates frequently steps in and works with the cadet using breathing techniques and relaxing exercises which calms the individual down. This then allows them to mentally regroup and with her support carry on the task. I suspect she has acquired this skill as her family foster children. Many a time I have learnt from her in how she deals and supports Cadets with emotional problems

Cadet Sgt Bates regularly parades and is always positive and mature. Throughout lock down she kept in contact with me and other staff via zoom. Also, on social media contacted and supported other cadets.

Finally, she continues to develop herself within the county shooting team. Now being a senior member, she continues to instruct and support junior members of the team. Cadet Sgt Bates has represented the County Regionally and Nationally with the Swimming team. She is an outstanding cadet and I continue to wish her every luck for the future.

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