CSM Mark Woodward Commandants Coin

Commandants Coin awarded to CSM Mark Woodward

Commandants Coin awarded to CSM Mark Woodward

1 July 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Commandants Coin awarded to CSM Mark Woodward.

The nomination for the Commandants coin came from Major Andy Pilling Company Commander, No 3 (Somme) Company.

Maj Pilling explained that during SMI Woodward’s normal day of work SMI Woodward went beyond what would be expected. He, on seeing and hearing a disturbance went to the aid of another person, who was being assaulted by another. In these days of assaults with weapons Mark reacted without hesitation for his own safety. Seeing the victim was injured he rendered first aid and contacted the emergency services.

His actions exemplify the Values and Standards of the ACF.

CSM Woodward describes what happened below:

I work for a company as a chargehand/gardener. I arrived to one of my sites with two other people within my team. They went off doing the hand mowing parts of this site and I have a small ride on grass cutting machine. As I was reversing it off my trailer, I heard a lot of loud shouting coming from the cul-de-sac behind me. As I drove into it noticed a guy at his front door being beaten up and shouting for help. Without thinking I went to his aid and pulled the aggressive man away. He attempted to assault me with a clenched fist, but I was able to prevent him by blocking him. He then fled the scene. On noticing the gentleman was bleeding I returned to my van quickly to collect my first aid kit and at the same time called the police and ambulance. I cleaned cuts to his hands and face before a resident came over to assist. Once I knew he was ok I left my telephone number in case it was needed then I left to continue with my work.

Well done to CSM Woodward for your selfless act of courage and bravery. You are a truly deserving recipient.

CSM Mark Woodward

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