Commandants Coin Bdr Waters 1

Commandants Coin awarded for Excellence

to Cadet BDR Waters

Commandants Coin awarded for Excellence

12 January 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

The prestigious Commandants Coin is awarded for Excellence in recognition of considerable efforts to be a Force for Good within the Army Cadets and the local community.

Cadet Bdr Waters was awarded a Commandants Coin by our Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison.

The award is in recognition of his hard work at Annual Camp 2022 where he was the senior male cadet for No 2 (Kohima) Company and for his ongoing dedication to the cadets from the Company.

Major Martin Davies, Company Commander, recommended Cadet Bdr Waters for the award.

"Cadet Bdr Waters exhibits all the values and standards we aspire to within the ACF.

He is a natural leader that seeks to inspire his fellow cadets. Bdr Waters selflessly commits to supporting his fellow cadets, to encouraging them to achieve or helping them work through their problems, he constantly gives 100%.

He is a hardworking individual that never shies away from any situation put before him be it welcoming new cadets and making sure they are comfortable or taking on a new subject or activity that he has never experienced.

He is always the first one to volunteer for activities and for additional responsibilities. He consistently performs them to a high standard and is an example for new cadets to follow."

Well done Cadet Bdr Waters.

A card and the Commandants Coin was sent to Cadet Bdr Waters by Col Harrison to thank him for his hard work.

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Commandants Coin Bdr Waters 1
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