Colonel P I Mills our Commandant addresses us as the yea draws to a close.


23 December 2021

  • Essex ACF

With the end of the year nearly upon us, we look back once again on a turbulent but thankfully more fulfilling and productive year than 2020. Detachment numbers are on the rise, cadets are once again participating in weekend training events and the County was able to deliver a fantastic face-to-face Annual Camp. Whether you were in the field, on the ranges, communicating with the CIS team or participating in the Adventurous Training package, you have all risen to the challenge of making Essex ACF a County that can always deliver a safe, fun and exceptionally fulfilling cadet experience.

I am immensely proud of everything that each and every one of you has achieved during this past year. Not just by reflecting on the fantastic Annual Camp, or the weekend and parade night training, but the difference all of our CFAVs and senior cadets make day in, day out, to our cadets. We truly are setting our cadets up for lifelong success, so thank you.

As we look forward to 2022, DC Training and the CTO have been working hard to ensure our forecast of training is as varied, structured, progressive and challenging as it can be. Planning for Annual Camp 2022 at Crowborough Camp is well underway and I look forward to hearing the brief to the OC’s in the New Year.

Thank you again for all of your outstanding work and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful, Healthy & Prosperous New Year