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Colonel Barr-Jones Commandant Essex ACF reflects on a great Virtual Annual Camp


7 August 2020

  • Essex ACF

Virtual ACF & Annual Camp

Each and every one of my team of volunteers and senior cadets has put an immense amount of effort, hard work and dedication into planning and delivering an outstanding Virtual ACF training environment over the last 5 months at Detachment and Company level and Essex ACF has certainly led the way with this year’s Virtual Annual Camp 2020.

I am delighted to say that the Cadet Experience and training programme for our cadets and adults on Virtual Annual Camp 2020 has been truly excellent with 425 taking part in over 50 sessions and we could not have achieved this without the full support of our cadet parents and guardians who have been just brilliant and hopefully some will now be joining us as Non-Uniformed Volunteers or Potential Instructors in the future. Thank you.

Parent Quotes

I want to share some of the many Parent Quotes:

“Thank you so much to all of you for your hard work in putting on the Virtual Annual Camp. My cadet son really enjoyed taking part and it has been wonderful to see him so engaged and enjoy himself”

“Thank you to everyone who's put so much effort in to running this camp. My cadet daughter has really enjoyed it, can't wait for next year's - and is still sleeping out in the garden each night under her basha!”

“Thank you so much for this amazing experience”

“Thank you all so much for putting this virtual annual camp together from myself and my cadet son. It’s not easy to teach via computers and to keep it fun as well you all have done amazing. This was my sons first annual camp and his had so much fun and has learnt so much he can't wait till next year.”

“Just repeating some previous comments, I’d also like to say thanks for organising this and I can only imagine the amount of effort that went into it, but it was very well organised and thought out. I appreciate all the time given up by so many to do this for our cadets. Well done thanks.”

“Thank you so much for all your efforts to ensure that this event took place, as an Assistant Principal in a school I am only too aware of the amount of effort virtual events take in both the planning and the execution, your planning was flawless. It has been an amazing experience for my cadet son, which has kept him both focused, motivated and in touch with reality. Well done and thanks again to the organisers.”

“Morning All, we wanted to say a huge Thank You to everyone involved in putting on the Essex ACF's very first Virtual Annual Camp - what a brilliant idea for these unprecedented times! When our young people head off on Annual Camp, we, as parents don't get to see how they perform and shine, so this last nine days has given us a window into that, and the activities they do! And we can't help be full of admiration for both the Tutors and Leaders, to the Cadets themselves! Everyone works so hard and the commitment is clear! To see the Pride on the face of your young person when they've achieved something or are praised in some way is priceless. In our personal opinion every child in school should have some kind of Cadet activity to do as part of the school curriculum, because it gives them a sense of self worth, pride in themselves a what they are part of, and what they do. Congratulations to everyone who gained Promotions and won the Competitions. And lets hope you can all gather for a proper Annual Camp at Lydd next year?!

“Thank you for organising this very successful Virtual Camp. It has been a great success in all respects. Thank you to all of you who committed time to speak to the cadets over the last week. It has kept my cadet occupied and engaged, and I appreciate that. Well done! I wish you all the best with the rest of your summer and hope Detachment Parades resume in the autumn, maybe?”

Have a Great Summer

I want all Adults and Senior Cadets to leave this Virtual Annual Camp knowing that they have been a role model and an inspiration to all of the cadets that have been with us over the last two weeks; the cadets have all achieved great things, some more than they ever thought was possible and the instructors of the county have absolutely put them on the road to becoming the best that they can be.

Wishing all my instructors, cadets and their parents and guardians a restful Summer, safe in the knowledge that they have made a difference!