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Colonel D J F Smith: Commandant GLSESACF 2016-2020

Memorial Service for Colonel Smith at Blackheath

Colonel D J F Smith: Commandant GLSESACF 2016-2020

24 October 2021

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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    Guests at the Memorial Service

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Today at 11am, guests assembled at Blackheath Sector Headquarters for a memorial service to our late Commandant Colonel Des Smith. In attendance were members of Colonel Smith's family. Padre Andrew White lead the service and tributes were delivered by both the Padre and Deputy Commandant Lt Col Simon Johnson.

Afterwards guests and family retired to the Sergeant's Mess for a ginger buffet and to share memories of Colonel Smith as well as view some photos of his amazing travels and far-reaching interests.

Colonel Smith was Commandant in Greater London South East Sector between 2016 and 2020 during which time he left an enduring mark upon the sector. He cared greatly for the well being of his staff as well as his cadets and he will be fondly remembered particularly when the Sector visits the Somme next spring on one of the Battlefield Study trips that he helped to organise.