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Children's Mental Health Week 2021

Expressing yourself is you displaying your individuality either through words, clothing, or art forms such as writing, drawing or music.

Children's Mental Health Week 2021

7 February 2021

  • 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

Being self-expressed means that people will see your spirit and true character; they will see the totality of who you really are.

Although the idea is simple, it seems that few fully grasp the importance of self-expression. We are all so bogged down with messages about how we should look, think, speak, and act; what we should eat, drink or do for fun; who we should associate with and who we should love or despise; and, indeed, who we should be deep down. These constant missives about what we ought to do and who we ought to be can make it difficult to let go of expectations and simply be ourselves.

We all have our own unique quirks and traits, and we all have our own preferences and style. It’s not about being the best, it’s about being better than you were yesterday. This is the start of a new week and a new month, therefore it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace a fresh start and encourage one another to express their self in their own unique ways.

Please join us in taking part in this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health.

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